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I am a self taught painter. My methods and style is my own, derived from books authored by artists whose painting styles I like. I am fortunate to be able to work in several mediums, pencil, ink, watercolor, acrylic and oil. My favorites are oil and acrylic.Formal training as an artist has been limited. Training was in commercial art which prepared me for a career in graphic arts. I spent about thirty three years in that field. Twenty years of that time was spent at Troy University where I retired in 2000.

My passion is art, my hobby is gardening. As an avid gardener I have an abundance of subjects for my paintings. What better subject than a fresh flower, a beautiful bird that chose to visit the garden, a butterfly that chooses to sip nectar from a delicious flower, or maybe a special spot or object that has special meaning. I also like painting portraits of people, especially children, animals and homes. Sometimes I like to take a blank canvas and paint what my mind sees as a place where I would like to be. I call these “Mind Paintings”. Life is a precious gift from God, whether it is human, plants, or animals. “My art is my Creative Expressions of life.”

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